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How to dry a wool sweater

How to dry a wool sweater

Do not dry woolen clothes with a dryer Be careful if you dry woolen clothes with a dryer Be careful if you dry woolen clothes with a dryer
If winter has come, then woolen clothes are now coming out of the box, their cleaning is also necessary but some precautions are also necessary.

How to dry a wool sweater | How To Wash Wool Sweaters

1: -If you have warm clothes, keep them in the cupboard, then before wearing them, clean them with a little wet tissue and dry them in the sun for two-three hours and then wear them
How To Wash Wool Sweaters
How To Wash Wool Sweaters 

नोट - How to dry a wool sweater | How To Wash Wool Sweaters

Do not wash woolen clothes in the washing machine, this makes their rains weak and foggy, the whole color goes away and soon the clothes get ripped, there is more dryness in it. Wash clothes by hand instead of washing them in the machine and do not dry in the dryer What happens with this is that the stresses are so strong that it can become very harsh, it can cause redness in your skin, dry it in light sun, never too long, cup in the sun Drying not Hon should it become weak fibers causing dangerous scattering sharp sunshine is your Kpdoki AAC Oh

2: - Nowadays, many people like to wear leather jackets in fashion but do not need to wash the leather jacket with a soft soft brush and then clean it

3:- Never use a plastic bag to store fur clothes because there is a possibility of drying of the fur, while if you wear them to a party, do not use perfume etc. because the alcohol present in the perfume etc. Will spoil your fur clothing which we all know that alcohol is present in perfume etc. which can damage the fibers of the clothes. Sensex may be lost luster of clothes for you and it can be perishable

4:- If the clothes smell bad, then spread them on paper or newspaper before washing, then soak the liquid or detergent in water and then soak them in the sun by cleaning them lightly with water and keep in mind that warm clothes in the sun Drying cries many

Note:--- Never wash woolen clothes or warm clothes with soap, always wash them with detergent, we know that many liquids are added to the detergent, which protects the clothes and their fibers so that the race of our clothes is strong and pure and likewise Should not use any type of chemical in it because all the chemicals that are added to the detergent are added while cleaning Sector hands and reserve the fibers of our clothes

How to dry a wool sweater | How To Wash Wool Sweaters

5: -Warm years protect you from the cold, but you also look stylish, the years of Kashmiri Pashmina should always be dry cleaned, wash the year thoroughly and add glycerin in lemon water and immersed in it and keep the natural shine and freshness of clothes because the year Fibers are very soft and cannot be washed with detergent, this reduces their soft pores and brings more dryness to your The skin can also be damaged, it can cause rashes in your skin.

6: -If there is a stain in the woolen clothes, then add a little spirit to it in light lukewarm water and rub the rest slowly and it will run away and remain the same as your clothes.

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