Tuesday, November 5, 2019

How to make real skin

How to make real 

 New skin from blood vessels, able to connect with Kashikao

 How to make real , India is a scientist living in India who is called the original scientist. A team led by the original Indian scientist has done 3D printers which has created very real skin which is very useful. It has made real skin equipped with blood sheds which have been burnt by fire.  When there is a skin defect in the victim

 So it has been made with a view to fixing it so that the person becomes exactly the same way as he was before, so that he will not have any beautiful feelings and looks so that he does not have any burden in his life because we are aware till today.  That whenever a person gets burnt by an accident or fire

 If the skin burns a lot more then that person thinks that what I will do for my life, no one looks at me, it feels very shameful in this, seeing this problem, 

India to provide the right treatment and real skin experience to the victims.  The original scientific corner has formed a skin

 Although it is a real skin, it is made but it works in the body as it has no side effects.

 He told the team that made this, that there is no problem of any kind in it, according to the application, it will heal the wounds very fast, although it will make the same but it has the same problem.

 That this table is never integrated with the ban cells, the knower never clings to it so that it can fit perfectly with the entire tubes, it can never happen.

While it is able to attach to the cells and closely it sticks to the cell, no raised slices appear cracked.

 Madat gar in treating patients burnt by fire

Karade said that whenever a person gets over the nerves and vessels associated with patients burnt by fire, then it works very much like pangs or nectar in it.

 Chunotio's solution is the aim of his team to make similar skin in the future, to make it better by making effects better so that every person can be given the opportunity to live.  He sticks well to all the cells and can bear all the medicines or incense that dominate him, and he continues to try even better.

 It was used in a rat, so they saw that the rat made it very clean and beautiful in the same way and it fitted perfectly with its cells, it did not have any side effects.  Started taking messages from

Started connecting and did 1 great job no complaints seen

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