Tuesday, January 28, 2020

What is seo

What is Seo , seositecheckup

What is SEO, SEO understand if you will say what is the SEO when our website gets Seo How will our website rank on 1 number on Google? 

How should all posts our postions should be our page speed? What should be our website load time? How much KB should be of the image in our post? 

How much speed should our website be loaded? SEO all this work Is underworld that your website will rank Google's number 1

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What is seo | seo
What is seo | seo
Check load time on your website.

On page SEO

To do the on-page SEO of the website, you have to design your article very well, it comes within the ON page seo.
Whatever you place an image, optimize it well, fill captions with all kinds of options, and have a search description on the side, 

Fill it with all the keywords.Parma link Keep them absolutely unique, easy to read, there should be no difficulty in Reading the heading. When ever someone's writes your word, do put it in the heading. 

What will happened is that the keywords will rank in Google quickly which will be above the heading  To add it, 

Select it a little and suck the heading option and optimize the image very well, the image should not be more than 10 kb.  Area between
What is seo | seo

Off page seo

All the do follow and no follow traffic within the off page seo, whatever we create back links all comes within the off page seo wherein you have to go to every website and create a backlink by yourself.
It happens that your website ranks quickly in Google. Bank link means that "Suppose we have a community with 50 members, 

Then we have to assume that if we want to make a president, then the community that wants more voters will be the same."  Will be made the way it is in elections
In the same way, 

All websites decide which website will rank at number 1 on Google, which article of them is so good, it all disguises back links, so we have to make a follow back link.


What ever you add keywords to your post, check them with the Keyword Planner, how much is his CPC, how much is his monthly search, 

Then only if you put it in your post, if his monthly search is 1000 then you do not have any benefit as long as it has more search  You will not have to check what their competition is. You only have to use his keywords in your post or else do not

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All SEO important factor


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