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How to create a com website | how to create a website

How to create a com website

How to create a com website,Hello friends, if you are sitting empty at home and you do not have any work and if you are thinking that I too can make a professional website and do some sitting at home and then you are thinking right

But there is no one to tell you as well how to create a professional website, so today I will tell you all things how to design a professional website

How to create a website

However, if I tell you that if you are creating a website related to technology tips or computer tips and are thinking, then you will not be able to create such a good website on these keywords unless you find a keyword that comes in a professional daily search.  Your website will rank low in Google

 Because many websites of technology tips or computer tips are available in Google nowadays, which are quite old and ranking new website in Google is considered very low because that website is very old and Google trusts more.

 Instead of new websites, you must be thinking that now on which we can build our website, today I am going to tell you a better technique in which there are searches in millions almost daily and they get a lot of website traffic and a very small amount  Has website

So it becomes easy to rank your website, if you are building your website on it, then your website will rank in Google soon. I would like to tell you about the film review today. These are full movie websites which are immediately in Google  Ranks

 Because no one pays much attention to them because there is a lot of work on them, which are considered illegal on them, Google Adsense approval cannot be found but I will tell you today that I will show Google Adsense Approval as you know that Google Adsense Policy  Has changed a bit

how to create a filmy website

He gives approval on the film review websites quickly and there is no illogical work on it, although you may be thinking that movie review is searched less by people, while the download is more liked by people, but the technique of downloading the movie is absolutely  You can also be jailed and your admission account and your website may be blocked.

So instead of downloading, make a movie review website and do not put any download link on it, if you put a link to download the film, then the Google Adsense ad will be disabled from that page.

  Due to which you will not be able to earn and you will think that what happened, your moving website will be blocked, then instead of film download you will review the film review website, it will rank you more quickly in Google and their CPC and volume are much higher.  it happens

With this your earning can also be very good and it is absolutely legal work, Google Adsense approval is also available on this, so you can make your website on film review and if you want, you can also make your website on it.

But if you want that I will not put the keyword of the download, then people will come to my website less visitors, then you do not want to write the word at all, you can also take the download key word but you do not have to provide the link for downloading in your website.  If you make this mistake then your admission account will be disabled and your website will be blocked.

Create Free Online Movie Quiz Website

Nowadays it is the age of computers and all things happen in computers, so why don't you design a website that is like a computer but ask questions and ask questions in it, if you create a website asking questions, then chances of ranking it  Are very high

Because no one creates a website related to quizzes nor is it available on Google at high volume, I would suggest that you create a Q&A related website in which you get the movie quizzed as new movies are released whenever
 Everyone has their own questions in their mind and if you share those same questions in public then your website ranking gets higher and Google promotes this very well then what more do you want Google  Is with you is helping you rank your website

Create Free fashion website

Nowadays it is the time of fashion, so everyone would like that my website should be at the top, so all the websites related to fashion rank immediately on the lyrics because these websites are less in number and Google would like that the best website users  If reached to, he can definitely promote your website

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