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insurance | What is insurance

What is insurance?

If we understand insurance in a direct language, then it is an agreement between two parties and what kind of agreement is it depends on what type of insurance a party is taking. And what kind of insurance is the other party giving and what kind of insurance does the person want to have, that all the things reflect the insurance
insurance | What is insurance
insurance | What is insurance

Insurance companies are created to reimburse losses incurred by a person to an organization in which the companies giving compensation to an individual make up for the losses incurred by an organization in which some of the losses of that person are recovered.

Which we can also say to help the person in the time of crisis, which compensates for his loss.

However there are many types of insurance and one insurance is only with one company, like we want to take most insurance, then we cannot get that insurance from the same company. We have to take it from different company.

Whereby the insurance companies compensate the loss of that person, but it depends on what type of insurance a person is taking and how much percent is being insured for the security facility.

But there are many companies of the same type of insurance, but the term end condition is different for all the companies whose term and condition we like. We would like to take insurance from the general who can provide us good facility at low cost, only such companies are considered to be the best for insurance so that we can get insurance quickly so that we do not face any problem.

how insurance works

Insurance: Any person can take any institution for his reimbursement when the insurance company that the person insures the body is reimbursed (to compensate for the loss) when an individual is damaged.  There is no debt pressure on the institution and its family institution remains safe.

Insurance can be done by any person, it does not require any risky work of any kind, in which any type of insurance is given to any person according to his wish.

In the United States, every person, institution has an insurance of one type or the other which causes the insurance company to provide reimbursement to the family, institution if it is suddenly damaged.

insurance disadvantage

There is only one loss of insurance. If your loss does not follow the term and condition of the insurance company, then the insurance company will deny you insurance on that condition, the insurance company will not compensate you for that condition, so that your  She will not be able to help you even in the event of financial crisis.

● Type of insurance

1 :. personal insurance or Life insurance 

 2: Property Insurance.

 3:. Marine Insurance.

 4:. fire insurance.

 5:. liability insurance.

 6:. Guarantee Insurance.

 6:. social insurance.

7:.  Health Insurance 

8:.  Motor Insurance 

9:. Travel Insurance 

10:. Home Insurance 

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