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How to write seo friendly article

How to write SEO friendly article 

How to write seo friendly article ,If you want to write the best article for your website so that it is quick on Google, rank 1 to 10, then I will tell you how to write a seo friendly article

SEO friendly means that your post is ranked by Google from 1 to 10 so that your website gets a lot of traffic so that you have the highest Earnings and if one of your posts also ranks, then traffic in all your posts  Comes

You can use the tool, you get very good facility, you can write a very good post from it.

SEO friendly content writing

But if you do not want to spend more money then you have to have a tool to check your post, so that you will know which keyword on Google
 How many words must be in order to rank from 1 to 10
 And how many keywords can we put in it and how many headings should be in order to rank
 And how much rating should your article be

If you know all this then how easy it will be to write an article and how easy it will be to get approval of any ad network.

SEO friendly post

1:  First of all, you have to write a big aarti and then its plagiarism checker has to check that there is no unique article in your article without any theft.

Then less than work your article should be more than 1200 words, only then your article will be ranked in Google 1 to 10

2:  If you have more words in your article, then you can give maximum headings in your article, Google gives more importance to the heading.
 Heading, the higher the bold, the more articles will be rated, which Google gives more importance, then the rank of your article increases significantly.

3: Along with your article, you have to put it in a good post, which also makes the Onpage seo of your post very good.

★You must also keep the permalink of your post seo friendly.

★Then you have to set a label

★You have to give search description of your post about which article you are writing.

★ You do not have to give more than 40 words for the title of the post for your post, but if the keyword is big, then you only have to write the keyword completely that there should not be any kind of reduction on the word, it should contain the same number of words.

4: You have to do internal linking of the post of your own web page, as many keywords are used in your post, then you have to insert the related link from those posts in those keywords.
 With this, all your posts will have your full traffic on your website and a user can see your post now.

Note point : Everyone knows that a site with high DA, PA leads all traffic, so you should also create BACKLINK but if good article also ranks, then you should write a good article.

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