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how to work Google AdWords

how to work Google AdWords

 How to work Google AdWords , Hello friends, many of you will know about Google AdWords, if you do not know, then you must know about Google Adsense, what happens with Google Adsense that we make our website approved by Google when Google Adsense our website  If we approve of ads then our website starts getting ads, but many of you must have questioned that brother, where does this ads come from?
How to use Google AdWords | how to work Google AdWords | google AdWords
How to use Google AdWords | how to work Google AdWords | google AdWords

So let us tell you that all these ads are given by Google Adword

what is type of AdWords

there are two types of ads marketing.

what is google AdWords

◆ An ads marketing is where if we want to promote our company, our website, our posts, then Google has created a platform which we call Google Adword, today I will tell you about this, whatever website we post in Google Adword.
Or to bring more visitors to your company, we tell Google that we will give you so much money and you make our ad so many days

As earlier it used to be that everywhere, posters of a product were put on every company, which social media use is becoming more and nowadays, we all know that Google is the best platform for social media marketing.

And Google, through Google Adsense, any website in which Google Adsense will be approved will show that ad on that social media marketing tool and whenever a person clicks on that ads then they will go directly to the website of the person who  You have given money to Google that you should show this ad to me everywhere

 Whenever we ever search on Google, first of all, we sleep on the ADS of an ad company, which is given money to Google that you will bring so many visitors of the month in our company,

 then Google considers that responsibility and makes that ADS the most First shows that if you keep interest on it, 

then you can also see it and if you do not keep it, you can also read other posts.
 Google Adsense works in a similar way where we put Google Adsense ads in our posts on our website and Google Adsense gives us as much money as ads show in our posts when clicks are clicked, 

then all these ads are Google Adword Google Adsense Lets you choose some platform where these ads are sleeping and maximum visitors come

● So like similar if you want to market your website, post a product of your product, and teach it to as many people as possible, then the best simple example of this is Google Adword where you have to sign up and your product Tell Google about this product that you should show our product everywhere so that more and more visitors come to our product and our producer Read the review of the draft and marketing of our products

Nowadays most companies take the example of this as if there is a new company and no one knows it yet, then they use Google Adwords to extend their identity to the people.

Because if he usually started doing SEO, then his company's website would take many years to reach people, but if he spent a little money for marketing his website on Google Adword, then his business started to be liked by people, 

then his company It will become famous overnight and it will earn a lot of profit through it.
In the same way, you can market your website, marketing your post and tell the review of your post, to reach people quickly, 
so that more and more visitors to your product or your website come and you also have a lot of Have income

Google Adwords customer service

Google AdWords sing up

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