Friday, May 29, 2020

How to solve canonical Tag issues

How to solve canonical tag issues 

How to solve canonical tag issues, Hello friends, if your website has any problem related to canonical issue, duplicates content, then today I will show here how to solve that problem, which will enable you to remove canonical issue in your website.

How do I fix my canonical URL

General This problem occurs when you add a custom domain

What is a non canonical URL


Consolidate duplicate URLs

While we all know that Google's crawlers are always crawling every website in Google, it contains pages of all our domains, sub domains.

They are all crawls and Google considers them all as a separate website while crawling, then we tell them that this is our only domain, for this we fix the canonical issue.

If your website does not have a canonical issue fixed, then neither can you take approval of Google Adsense nor will your website rank on Google

This will develop the issue of duplicate content. We use canonical TAGS to solve this.

canonical tags

General if you use WordPress, then you have a Use SEO plugin which solves this problem easily.

How to solve canonical tag issue in Blogger

But if you use Blogger, then you don't have the option to install any plugin, then you have to put SEO tag under your head tag.

If your blogger has canonical TAGS, then if you search the tag below on your HTML, you will get canonical TAGS.

But if you don't find that tag on your HTML, then you have to add it there yourself which solves the problem of your canonical issue.

You can place the below TAGS in your blogger's HTML under the head tag

Click here to download tag

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