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Google Adsense Approval Strategy

Google adsense approval strategy

Google adsense approval strategy, Hello Friends, if you are trying to monetize any blog website with Google Adsense, but your blog website is not Monetization any app.

 Send for approval but get rejected, I am going to give you the solution of this, with the help of which you can get your blog, website and any app whether it is Androids app or iOS app, you will get it approved with Google Adsense.

If your Google Adsense is not being approved, it may be because of your website in the blog and app,

How to fix website technical problems

It can also be related to the content that you use duplicate content or due to technical problem in your website which can be Page 404  give error

Google AdSense does not approve such a website because it has a wrong effect on the user. Google makes its products very carefully and they do not tolerate any kind of disturbance in it.

 If you want to approve your AdSense account, then you have to solve the content of your website and the technical problems of your website, but it is not so easy, it takes many months.

How to solve duplicate content issue

 What people do, in the matter of posting more posts, anyone uses duplicate content, due to which the issue of duplicate content comes to your website if you take care of the duplicate contact while writing posts in your website.

 But when he gets the content published and then he checks it in the duplicate content checker, then he starts issuing duplicate content. This is your technical problem.

Why comes duplicate content issues

To solve this, if you are a WordPress user in the team of your website, then you have to install yoast SEO plugging, but if you are a blogger user then you have to go to your blogger's template team and find a canonical link.

Because of which all your contact duplicates are unique.

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What is XML Sitemap used 

And there is another technical problem related to your site map. You always have to use XML sitemap. Either you can generate your XML sitemap from any blogger or wordpress sitemap generator.

And then you can go to your Google search console or Bing search console and add your technical problem. 

How to solve webpage 404 error

And after that you solve the 404 error of your post, it is a very important contribution to SEO whenever you change the permalink of a post or delete your post.

And the URL of that post is on Google, then this problem arises and you have to solve it by yourself, to remove the URL of each of your posts from Google, you use Google's search console and on that site's removal  There is an option

On that, you add the URL of your post, so that Google will remove your URL from your Google search console and then gradually it will run a 404 error.

When to apply for Google Adsense?

 And then when you apply for Google Adsense, it will never be rejected because your website is against the base policy of Google Adsense.

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 google adsense login youtube adsense approval

 To do this, you will need a tool to check your technical problem. If you spend some money and use a paid tool, then it shows the technical problem in your site.
But if you want to use a free tool, then it has some limitations but they also work quite well.

Best Alternative products to Site Audit by Ahref

I want you to have a free toll which provides very good facilities, if you want, you can also use its tree plan and you will be able to use it for free, so that you can know the technical problem in your website and which you can solved  will do.
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