Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy, If you need any information.  If you want to know about our privacy policy, then you can email us at this email address [email protected]     and we can ask any question. 

How do we collect your information

When you register on our website we are your while registering with you.Grab the email address through which we track you.Subscribe to our newsletter When you comment on any of our posts or your email address.

Feed burner or Google tracking ID, we track you through it At the time of registration, we get your full name and email id filled through which we track you  Although you can go anonymous on our website

What do we do with your  information? How do you use

● We understand your writing with your knowledge.How we write our post and how we give any information to the user, we know all these things through your information.

● We enhance our authors' posts through the information and process comments received from you to improve our website.

●Customer Service Improvement uses your information to improve us.How do you like our site and how do you get attached to it?

We are able to know through your email that you are interested in our article and you want to be on our website forever.
And want to know all the products that happened on them.

How do we protect your information

We track you through this when you write a comment on our contact foam or you submit your email So we implement many types of security devices to maintain your security

Do we disclose your information to any outside party?

We do not sell your etched information to any other external party, do not do any business or deal with your information.  

We keep your information absolutely safe and secure.  In this, any kind of tampering does not interfere with it.We only use your gathered information to enhance our products and to know your interest.

When ever we give your information to someone, unless that party assures us that it will use your information in a very safe manner and will not give your information to anyone.  

No one will misbehave with you unless we give your information to anyone nor allow you to collect.So we believe that we can implement the policies of your website to follow the release law.Or our other rights to protect the property above

Third Party Link.

Sometimes we also give a link to another party's website to improve our products. They include their services but have a separate, independent and separate confidential policy. We do not take any responsibility for their privacy policy.

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